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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dabs, Feb 2, 2011.

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    Since it would seem a lot us here enjoyed the movie The Shawshank Redemption, I thought I would share some of the photos I took of that particular prison. I went there in 2004. It is located in Mansfield, Ohio and it is no longer in use as a prison of course, it became unsuitable, and so a portion of it was torn down, but then something happened (I can't remember why) that kept them from tearing down the entire building. They built a new prison in Mansfield, right next to this old one in fact, which is where they now house the inmates.
    But everyone might already know, this prison is Mansfield, Ohio, is the very structure where the Shawshank Redemption was filmed.
    And they have tours of the prison now. Open to the public most days for a price of course. It is a huge prison, and I will have to say, the outside is beautiful, if one can say that about a prison. The architecture is awesome, it reminds me of a castle! But once you get inside, a whole 'nother story. It is rusty and corroded and damp and echoes everywhere. They have said it is haunted, but I saw no ghosts or anything while I was there. On Halloween, and only on that night, the place is open for an all-nighter. Guests can spend the night in the prison, and get a haunting experience :lol:
    So, the photos I took are not that great, my camera then wasn't that great either, but you can really see how pretty the outside of the prison is.
    The entire prison itself was not used for the prison scenes in Shawshank, just a few certain areas, and they were redecorated, to make look like the scenes we saw in the movie.
    So in my first part here I have photos of the prison from a faraway, a close up of the upper part of the front, the front entrance, the welcome area and the photo of the electric chair is not the original the prison had, it is a replica. But it's a real electric chair.

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  2. Jeanie

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    wow, Dabs, that's really cool. Thank you for sharing those.

    Now I'm in the mood to watch it. I haven't watched it in ages.
  3. Dabs

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    Then for my second part of the photos, I have a photo of me and my granddaughter behind the bars outside *haha* She was so little then. Then a couple of darker photos, they are taken of the rows of cells. It shows how close they all were, there were three levels of cells and it was hard to get great photos cause the lighting sucked. But everything metal was a hunk of rust.
    Then the photo of the light fixture, was taken in the room that was used as the warden's office in the movie. You can see how badly the paint is peeling, and that's in one of the areas they fixed up for the movie, the majority of the ceilings are much worse. Then in the last photo, a gent that went with us to the prison got into one of lower deck cells and laid down on the bed. What you see in the picture as far as the tiny bed he is lying on and the sink, is basically the size of the room. And the commode and stuff were nasty beyond words.
    I even went down the "the hole", but taking pictures there was almost impossible, as it was so dark. And it was creepy. You can see words and drawings and stuff some of the men from years ago, drew on the cement walls.

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  4. Crouton

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    Looks so nice on the outside, almost like it isn't even a prison, but then on the inside it's so gross and creepy. Makes me want to visit the old gaol in my town again. They let you do tours in there, very creepy place.
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    Thanks Jeanie, I had a nice experience, for being in a prison.

    And Crouton, you are absolutely correct, when standing right out in front, it looks like a castle. I admired it's beauty. But within the walls, shudder time. Even the chow hall was creepy. I tried not to imagine what all took place inside those walls. But it was an occasion I shall never forget.
  6. Major

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    Awesome pictures, Dabs. Thanks for sharing them. I love the architecture on the exterior. Seems like the older prisons are a lot more elaborate, while the newer ones are all about functionality and not very aesthetically pleasing.

    I think it would be really interesting to do a prison tour. The one they used for filming Prison Break is only about 30 minutes from here. I'm not sure if they do tours though.
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    Freaky.. even when it´s daytime!
    Don´t want to even look at them!

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